Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Say Hello to Sprinkles & Oliver

"Sprinkles" The Blanket

This is Sprinkles the latest blanket that I have completed. I've watched so many lovely people make lovely v-stitch blankets lately and I couldn't resist making one myself. So here she is. I named her Sprinkles because her colors remind me of a bottle of sprinkles.

"Oliver" The Blanket

...and this is Oliver, I couldn't make a v-stitch blanket for a girl and not make one for a boy!

Today I finished Sprinkles, shes got a border and all ends are weaved in, however i'm thinking of blocking her later today.

Things have been going good, i've been coming up with my fall inventory line, what I want to carry and things. I will keep everyone posted.

Until next time friends.


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