Saturday, June 7, 2014

Patriotic Viesta Granny Square Pattern (revised)

Patriotic Viesta Granny Square

Pattern makes a 7 ½ inch square

·         Worsted weight yarn- any color(s)
·         Crochet hook size I9/5.50mm
·         Yarn needle

Stitch Abbreviations
ch: chain stitch
sc: Single crochet
sl st: Slip Stitch
st(s): sticth(es)
hdc: half double crochet
v-st: v-stitch 
dc: double crochet
sk: skip

NOTES:  The format *hdc, sc, hdc* means work hdc in next st, sc in st after that and hdc in next st. Not to work all three sts in same stitch unless otherwise stated. Also when reading please remember that * to * means to repeat pattern from everything inside the asterisks.

Stitch Guide
v-st: dc, ch 1, dc all in same sp.

Ch 5; sl st in the first ch to form a ring.

Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as first dc), 15 dc in the ring, sl st in 3rd ch of beg ch 3. (16 dc)
***Round 2 Color Change:  start new color with a sl st in any dc and ch 4***
Round 2: Ch 4, dc in same st as joining (counts as first v-st), ch 1, *sk next st, v-st in next st, ch 1* repeat from * to * 6 more times, sl st in the 3rd ch of the first v-st. ( 8 v-st, ch 1 sps made). 

***Round 3 Color Change:  sl st in any v-st sp and ch 4***
Round 3: sl st in next v-st, ch 4; dc in same sp (first v-st made), v-st in each v- st and ch 1 sp around.  (16 v-sts) 

***Round 4 Color Change:  start with a sc in any v-st*** 
Round 4: Sc in next ch 1 sp, 5 dc shell in next ch 1 sp, repeat around, sl st to first sc. (8 shells, 8 sc)

*** Round 5 Color Change:  sl st in same st as join and ch 3.***
Round 5:  ch 3 (counts as first dc), hdc in next 2 sts, sc in 3rd dc of  5 dc shell, hdc in next 2sts, *5 dc in next st ( corner made), hdc , hdc, sc ,hdc, hdc ,dc, hdc, hdc,  sc, hdc, hdc* repeat from * to* 3 more times, 5 dc in the next st, hdc, hdc, sc ,hdc, hdc, sl st to beg ch 3.

***Round 6 Color Change:  sl st in same st as join and ch 4***
Round 6: ch 4, dc in same st as joining (v-st made), [sk  2 sts, v-st in next st],repeat from [ to ] once more, sk 1 st,* v-st ch 1 v-st in next st  (corner made), sk 1 st , v- stitch, sk 2, v-st across to the next corner, sk 1*, repeat from * to * around, sl st to beg ch 3.

Your finished Square should look like this!

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