Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Five and Dime

I've been pretty busy lately, thanks to my etsy sale. I finished the custom blanket I was working on and have since shipped it off along with other blanket my client bought as well.

After completing that blanket my client decided she was such a fan of my work that she ordered 4 lapghans from me as well! So now I'm currently working on those for her. I also received another custom  order from a separate client for the same baby blanket in blue and lime green. So I'm busy crocheting away.

I've been updating the progress of the blankets on my instagram but figured I would come here to do a proper update. 

There isn't much else going on, I had a lovely Easter that I spent with my family which was wonderful. Now I'm at the boyfriends house in lovely Long Beach taking in the ocean breezes while I crochet. Life is good right now. Despite not having a full time job I am doing better than anticipated.

Here is the lapghan that is currently on my lap being worked on, I absolutely LOVE the color choice for this one. 

So fantastic!

Be prepared for a new tutorial and pattern post in a week or so. I was asked for the pattern to my headbands that have on Etsy and since I myself am not really too find of them I've decided to post the pattern. So look out for that soon.

Well that's the end if today's post. Hope everyone had a great weekend and holiday and I will be back with more updates soon.


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