Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crochet Pumpkin Coasters Pattern

Crochet Pumpkin Coaster Pattern

Coaster Measures x 4.5 in, sizes may vary

* Worsted weight yarn - Orange
* Worsted weight yarn in contrasting color - Green
* Crochet hook size I9/5.50mm
* Yarn needle

Stitch Abbreviations
ch: chain stitch
sc: Single crochet
sl st: Slip Stitch
st(s): sticth(es)
hdc: half-double crochet
dc: double crochet

With orange;
Ch 5, sl st to form a ring.
Round 1: ch 1, sc, hdc, 5 dc, hdc, sc, hdc, 5 dc, hdc, sl to first sc.

Round 2: ch 1, sc in same st as join, hdc in next st, 2 dc  in next 5 dc, hdc, sc, hdc, 2 dc in next 5 dc, hdc, sl st to first sc.

Round 3: ch 1, sc in same st as join, hdc, 2 dc in each of the next 10 sts, hdc, sc, hdc, 2dc in next 10 sts, hdc, sl st to first sc.

Fasten off, weave in ends.

With green; and on the opposite side of your work (where your other hdc,sc,hdc sequence is)

Sl st in the first dc to the right of the first hdc (the hdc on the right)
Row 1: ch 1, sc in same st and in each of next 4 sts.

Row 2: repeat row 1, twice more.

Fasten off, weave in ends.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial; don’t forget to check here for more patterns and view My Etsy as well.

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  1. Hi.Just came across your blog and find this cute coaster pattern...thanks for providing it for free...I am going through your posts and loving so many of them...keep the good work up and happy crocheting :)

    By the way.i am also a crocheter and I also make can visit my blog to know me more.. :)

  2. Thanks for a very nice pattern. Can't wait to give it a try.

    1. Just a note to let you know I love your pumpkin coaster pattern; it is the best and cutest in shape and size that I have ever seen. I plan to make 20 by a week from Wednesday for my senior citizens at my church. Thanks again.

  3. I followed and two other pumpkin patterns that I ended up pulling apart. Yours was so.much.better. than those others. I pinned it to Pinterest (because I wanted to share!), but it wouldn't let me use the pic of the actual pumpkin; it would only let me use your header image. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Sherry! I'm so glad you like it and thanks for sharing; weird you couldn't pin the actual image, I'll have to check that out!

  4. I'm doing and early Halloween crochet pattern round-up. I'd love to link back to your pattern. I have to admit, I've always gone a little crazy in the coaster department. What's not to love about almost instant gratification? Thank you for sharing your pattern!

    1. Hi Theresa, thank you so much I'm glad you love the pattern! Please feel free to link back to my pattern, I appreciate the recognition!

    2. Thank you again for sharing this!
      Here is the link to my post:

  5. Such a cute pumpkin. Can I use it as a square? I just don't know how too... I'm new to crocheting.

  6. Hey Amanda, Thanks so much! What do you mean by square? Like a granny square or just sewing the pumpkins together to make a blanket or something? What were you thinking of making?

  7. Love this! Going to include a set of 4 as part of a "pumpkin spice" giveaway I'm putting together! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. You're welcome! Such a great giveaway prize Becky! I'm really glad you love the pattern, hope the winner loves their prize!


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