Monday, February 27, 2012

Crochet Coffee Mug Cozies

I'm a Disney lover, can you tell?

I have been on crochet frenzy lately. I stayed up all night last night crocheting coffee mug cozies.

I love these things, they're so easy to make and there's so many possibilities when making them!

Aluminum Crochet Hook Case

My Case :)

I've needed one of these for a long time and now I have one! I found this Pattern on One Little Rayndrop's blog, her cases look amazing.  I had to modify mine some, I didn't have any hard plastic to go on the inside of the cover as the pattern suggests so I used cardboard instead. By me using cardboard I had to change the pattern that I used on the outside cover so that there weren't any spaces to show the cardboard. I think it worked pretty well though. :)

I was pleased with the end result for my first try at it but I plan on making another one, a bigger one seeing as I have to put double the crochet hooks in almost every spot LOL.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Crochet Baby Blanket-Pink Purple and White

Lately i've fallen in love with the shell pattern and decided to come up with my own pattern and here it is.

Ta da!

Its so pretty! Ths blanket is going to be so adorable when it is finished. I have a friend thats having a baby girl soon, im thinking i'll give this to her as a gift, hmmm.... we shall see.

Until next time..

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its been a long while

Wow. I havent written in here in forever. Many things have happened thats for sure. The biggest and greatest thing in my crochet life is that I opened an Etsy shop!! Yay!! I've had it for a good while now and it is starting to pick up greatly. I'm so glad i've chosen to sell my work and make others happy with my things. I have even gotten a few custom orders, which I loved doing.

Right now i'm selling wash cloths and baby blankets. At first it was mainly wash cloths as they are fast and easy to make. Then I sold some baby blankets here and there but now i'm focusing on the blankets. Yesterday I completed the cutest blanket I have EVER made... it's a black and white blanket with a hot pink crocheted border. Ugh, so cute. It's zebra inspired and the cutest thing ever. I wanted to keep it for myself its so cute. I have listed it for sale but its made to order with different border color options. I hope it does well. Its too cute not to!

I'm coming up with new designs everyday hoping to beef up my inventory a bit. Right now it's pretty low. I see some wash cloths coming soon. lol They were pretty popular for awhile anyways.

That's it for now. I plan to write in here more often so, see ya soon!
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